How Hydroponics work?

Lawrence Munoz 

Hydroponics is a way of growing that substitutes water for the soil as the growing medium for plants.   The Green Team uses this method in our greenhouse. The nutrition components found in the soil are added in powder form to the water and absorbed by the plants through their roots.

The example above demonstrates how the system works. Once you have filled your large container with the appropriate amount of water, you will put the proper amount of chemicals needed for the particular breed of plants you have in the system. The plants are grown in rockwool which is made from underwater volcanic rock, and placed into the plastic channels. The purpose of the channels being by slanted is to make sure no singular plant receives too much or too little ingredients and the water flows naturally through the system.

It is important to test the waters every other day to see if plants are getting enough nutrition and that the pH of the water is stable. The PH scale is how we figure out how acidic or how basic a substance is, we test it by using a digital meter that we would dip into the water, PH range for the hydroponics system is a way to keep track of how much of the nutrients are either needed, or excess to the plant. We also test the electro conductivity, which shows how much electrical activity is happening in the water, which tells us the amount of nutrients.

We have these scientific tools which measure the pH levels and the electro conductivity. We also l have the hydroponic system hooked up to a timer, which will cycle the water within a reasonable amount of time. The cycle would start for approximately 45 minutes, and would stop for about 15 minutes, so that the plants do not absorb too much water, which in this case would be getting absorbed through the roots, we call this water logged.  Rather than just having all the nutrients pouring out into a singular plant.

Hydroponics is very beneficial to farmers all around the world for multiple reasons. One main reason, is – faster growth, due to us creating the ideal nutrient blend that will be delivered directly to the roots of the plant. We also have more control over variables, such as how much chemicals we want to give the plants. Provided the greenhouse, the plants will still gain the nutrients, given by the sun. The hydroponic system will also allow all your plants to be in a closer area so you are able to grow more in an enclosed space, the entire hydroponic system can be contained within estimated about 6-7 feet of space, being able to examine your crops without much travel between the variety of plants.