*MASTER CLEANSE *Inspired by Mom

Purpose for the cleanse: The “ Master Cleanse” is a detox cleanse, used to help the digestive system. This is a low calorie cleanse, great for losing weight and getting your bowel movement flowing. The unique taste is mesmerizing, once you take this cleanse you won’t forget it. The lemony flavor with a hint of spice is amazing. You can do this cleanse 3x times a week or daily depending on how much you drink.


Materials Needed :

Water ( half of a gallon)


Apple Cider Vinegar ( with mother, unfiltered strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria)

Organic Agave or Maple Syrup

Cheyenne pepper powder


1 Tablespoons for each ingredient


Fill Water Bottle up

Cut Lemon and put the inside water bottle

Add each ingredient using a tablespoon or you eye-measure

After shake the mixture

Put in refrigerator for about 30 minutes


Keys Points ( before starting)

Make sure you stay home the next day you might have to use the bathroom frequently. Lol

Drinking it cold makes the cleanse taste way better

Grab a partner it’s always more exciting doing it with a peer.

Most people don’t eat while taking this cleanse but i eat 3 meals a day and drink this with every meal.
Personal Experience : I am 18 year old young women, I’m fairly skinny weighing in at 123 and im 5feet 7inches. Having a mom that’s super health conscious and taking this master cleanse for the first time was extremely weird. The taste is something very new. Honestly you really only taste the after affect. You feel rejuvenated afterwards and have a lot of energy. The experience was fun and after the first time i drank the master cleanse, I’ve continued it ever day i drink one 16oz water bottle of it straight.

Xoxo china