Biodiversity is the reason why the life we live everyday is still thriving. All the life of our planet fits together to ensure survival.  All living forms are connected to each other- if one species seems to be dying or is somehow depleting, it affects them all.This is something human beings could learn from, because little do we know we are apart of the great chain of biodiversity. From the dawn of life plants had this natural way of coexisting regardless of where the plant came from or how it looked- even if it was foreign,  it would adapt to its new environment (think of weeds.) It made me wonder -if plants are life and humans are life,  why can’t we do the same thing? In the following diagram, it explains how we as humans struggle to coexist with other life as we bring pollution,species extinction ,habitat loss, fragmentation of land, and over exploitation of resources effects our  ecosystems across the world. To be prepared for the later effects of this, it’s better to know about it now so we can improve our habits.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.14.52 PM.png

Ways to Improve Biodiversity

  • Stop using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in your gardens. These destroy the fungi, helpful bacteria, and decomposers in the soil. 
  • Plant species that help wildlife like butterfly bushes and milkweed to help monarch butterflies.
  • Recycle.
  • Buy local, organic food or grow your own. Visit farmer’s markets and ask about how the farmers grow their food. 
  • Conserve energy in your home. Don’t leave the lights on or faucet running when you can avoid it. 

Helping the environment can also help improve relations with your fellow humans. Even something as simple as saying “hi” to someone that comes from a different background helps the cause of diversity. We are not so different to the point we have no similarities-  we  have one big common fact, we’re human! Saying hello can make all the difference. When we are connected, our communities are stronger.

There are many different groups involved to help the environment and both help human relations with each other- like the group I associate myself with, as member of the Green Team. We have planted our own personal garden ourselves, from seeds up, working to increase the diversity of food available to us in school. We have also built ties to our communities by collaborating with the Nature Society, Libertad Urban Farm, Harlem Grown, Grow to Learn, and Whole Foods (who have helped to fund us.) We’ve created hydroponics systems to grow our own food and plants. Coming together for one common goal of bettering ourselves and the environment furthers the hope and faith of humanity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.24.24 PM.pngpicture of Green Team at Libertad Farm