by Juday Tejado


BENEFITS OF WATER :  Water hydrates the body and  helps clear the skin.  Water is the way of life and balances bodily fluids in the digestion system and balances saliva.  Water helps the transportation of all the nutrients and circulation of the body.

BENEFITS OF INFUSION: Being able to combine the hydration of water with fruits or vegetables which helps add flavor and nutrition without adding sugar or harmful additives. 


1: Have water Inside a container (bottle,jug,pitcher etc)
2: Have fruits available. Some of the most common fruits include cucumbers, lemons, mint,kiwi, oranges, and rasberries
3: Combine at your desire and place inside your water container
4: Leave in refrigerator for desired time
5: Enjoy !!


I first learned about water infusion in a gardening class run by Ms.Maggie. She explained the benefits of water and how important it is to try new things and enjoy it without drinking something unhealthy and processed. Me and my peers from  gardening class filled a glass pitcher with water and experimented with cucumbers, mint, lemon, and limes  which ended tasting very refreshing. She explained how we can make infused water using our favorite fruits and vegetables . Surprisingly the infused water tasted good and was sweet.You don’t need sugar or juice powder to add flavor to water. The combination of water and fruits balance out creating a refreshing drink that you can make and take anywhere with you easily. Infused water is perfect for people who are staying away from juice and soda or just don’t like the taste of water. I believe everyone should learn how to make infused water and carry out this recipe generations from now because this can save someone’s life easily helping them stay hydrated staying away from sugar or simply helping a teen struggling with acne or too much sugar consumption.