The people of the South Bronx have been dealing with great injustice for way too long! In the early year of 1999, a company under the name of Fresh Direct applied to move to the South Bronx but failed. The main goal of this company was to supply fresh fruits and veggies directly to their customers. They had originally planned to target residence and areas like lower  Manhattan,parts of Nassau,Westchester,Newark and New Jersey. The company had no intentions to sell to the people of the Bronx but had all their trucks passing through the South Bronx. In 2012, it announced plans to move not only their warehouse but also a bus depot- still without selling to the people of the South Bronx.


The company, currently based in Queens, dispatches trucks full of high-end groceries to residents in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. In 2012 it announced plans to move its warehouse to the South Bronx a densely populated low income neighborhood in New York’s poorest borough and as a preemptive “You’re welcome” promised to bring with it up to 1,000 new jobs that wont or don’t pay very well. Company reps also told the borough president that it would give at least 30 percent of those jobs to local resident,  although they are not legally bound to that.

It was no shock when we found out that in february of 2012, city and state officials had announced that FreshDirect, which was no longer able to just fit in its Queens location, was being offered an unusually large sum of $127.8 million in cash and tax breaks to move to the Bronx rather than to New Jersey. People all over the Bronx have been fighting and trying to share the word of what has been happening, not all have failed but there is only so much one person can do before asking themselves why? Why do I fight for those who refuse to see whats in front of them? why does it feel that my fight is an empty one? The truth is it is always worth it, if it was easy it would not be worth doing and winning and seeing change would never feel as great. Even though there are many people who are against this company, there are just as much who believe deeply in this company. I’d be willing to put my word on the line, that four out of any five people backing this company does not know the story behind them. I’d like to challenge you as the reader, take my word not as gospel but as the finger that points you in the direction for you to find your own answer.