by Duilio Pineda

         My experience on the Green Team made a difference in my life. It taught me many different important things that I will soon teach my son, Ayden.


Before knowing anything about the Green Team, I would remember my girlfriend telling me about what she did in class and what the main goal for the class is, which is  to help change the way we eat. She would also bring many fresh veggies from the garden such as leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and many more that she grew from the garden. I transferred to Harlem Renaissance in the fall of 2015 and my first day I was really excited to see the garden and what the Green Team has done. My first day I saw many plants such as basil, spinach, cucumbers, hot peppers and I was amazed that the garden had a tree.


Esmerelda and Duilio after harvesting bell peppers, jalapenos, garlic, chives, and tomatoes

I enjoy every second in the Green Team and I’m happy I was part of it. Summer of 2016 I got the chance to be be an intern for gardening at West Side High School with the best teacher in the world, Maggie. It wasn’t as big as the garden at Harlem Renaissance but there was so many things to do. Just recently an urban farm in the Bronx was burglarized and it was a right act to help out the urban farm and rebuilt it like if nothing happened to it. It wasn’t just Harlem Renaissance helping out but many people were there helping out and giving the community a garden that they deserve. It felt great knowing you’re helping out because it meant a lot to the community. The Green Team changes the way I see things, it shows that something so little as planting a seed can become something so big – and it’s a beautiful thing. I would like to thank the Green Team for giving me lessons so that I can teach my family and will continue to teach the young ones how to help the community. I can also teach my family how to eat more healthy, how to grow fresh things from the garden. It’s sad knowing I will be leaving Harlem Renaissance High School and the Green Team soon but it won’t stop me from what knowing what’s right.