By……Jose’ Wardrope

Over the past six weeks we have moved from being a class of kids on the edge of graduating, to a family of beautiful flowers on the edge of blossoming. We have been given lessons that will not only stick with us in our lives, but also little things that we can pass on to our kids and our families. My experience on the green team has open my eyes to how gardening can set our minds free, allowing us to more perceptive of that which happens all around us. I had first joined the Green Team three years ago looking for a place of which to fit in, I later graduated and  joined the military and though it has great journey I have made it back to my true family the Green team Where I have became a teaching assistant.IMG_20160725_130933

This class has helped me to rethink what I thought I knew. There is no one person who knows anything in this world.  We are all teachers and when we are not teaching we are learning. We have grown to see that even the youngest of can be the smartest guy when it comes to something he is passionate about. Passion is the one thing that gives us drive and shows us the possibilities we have to ourselves with a little passion. Many of the kids this past six weeks have wanted to give up, have wanted to just throw in the towel the pillow hell the shirt off their backs if they had to, but with a little guidance they have made it.IMG_20160719_130954

They have made it as a family and a summer that will be with them for a very long time, they have made it to  community where each other are able to feel safe. Both the kids and teachers have made a bond where they can sit down and eat talking about life and before even sitting and eating, coming together and cook/make the meal and sometimes even a step farther  growing the food from the earth who has been the real teacher throughout our journey this summer.IMG_20160718_132515                                                                         

………..Yours Truly Camera Guy