by Abel Cepin

I first want to start off by saying that I legit knew almost nothing that had to do with growing plants. To me, you simply threw some seeds in the dirt, covered them up with some more dirt, and add some water and voila you have a plant in a few weeks. But, I soon learned that there’s way more to it than just those few steps. I learned that you have to test the soil for toxins/nutrient levels, prep the raised beds by weeding and adding compost and fertilizer, and I also learned the difference between conventional agriculture and organic agriculture.I also learned that there’s different zones all over the world that tell you when would be the best time to grow the plant that you had.

I can describe my experience with agriculture in two words, healthy knowledge.

IMG_0418 (1)
Planting Arugula

Something else  I was introduced to were TED talks which to me were amazing to watch because it was entertaining yet so alarming and made me really think about what’s really going on with the American diet. Incase you don’t know what TED talks are, there a non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). 

Here are Links to Two Videos we Watched

Jamie Oliver: Teach Kids About Food

Majora Carter: Tales of Urban Renewal


I learned that the way we eat is completely out of whack and we have to do something about it quick because there shouldn’t be so many diet related deaths or illnesses .The standard american diet is not nutritionally balanced because most people do not get enough fruits and vegetables, eat too much processed foods, meat, and refined sugar and this leads to problems like diabetes, diet related illnesses, heart disease and cancer. Being in the class and hearing some of the stuff my teacher has said and thinking back on videos we’ve watched, I can say that i am more aware of my diet, and what and how I eat.

Agriculture is really powerful and we have to embrace it ourselves if we want to eat healthy because the government is feeding up toxic food and we’re giving it to our younger siblings and our own kids. If anything, this class inspires me to become a Health activists because I feel like I’m fully aware of what’s really going on with our food and that has to be stopped.

My favorite recipe we made was mason jar salads- which are bomb !! A mason jar salad is an easy and vibrant way to pack fresh veggies and eat them on the go. You put dressing on the bottom, then take the hardest veggies and put them in first, bthen you stack the jar up with lighter veggies like lettuce and other green leafs. Anyone who says mason jar salads are whack doesn’t have a clue of what they’re missing out on. I wanna thank my teacher for teaching me about this topic because it really opened my eyes!