by Miguel Cabrera

In the Green Team class, we learned about one of the local hero farmers in the Bronx, Tanya Fields. Tanya runs an organization called the Blk Projek that works to bring healthy food to the Bronx and she also started the Libertad Urban Farm, located at 972 Simpson Street.  The day before our class was supposed to go visit,  Libertad Urban Farm was broken into by some drug addict who stole everything, both  tools and plants. Luckily,  the Green Team was there and offered to help restore the farm. After Tanya Field  made a video on facebook live in which she was expressing  her  feelings about the break in, the video got more than half of million views. This viral video spread, so that when we arrived at the farm,  many people from the community were already out cleaning and planting. This shows that people come together to help someone in need. It felt good to help because I know we did something positive for the community I live in. 

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